This page collects the final project presentations and reports.

The Evolution of Bitcoin Script Interpreter - Report (PDF)
Acacia Dai

Developing a Distributed Distributed Consensus Protocol Consensus Protocol - Report (PDF)
Alec Grieser

A Bandwidth Based “Proof of Work” - Report (PDF)
Alishan Hassan

Blockchain Voting - Report (PDF)
Sugat Poudel, Austin J. Varshneya, Xhama Vyas

BitMingle - Report (PDF)
Carter Hall, Reid Bixler

Vending on Dark Net Markets - Report (PDF)
Collin Berman

Pruning Nodes - Report (PDF)
Cyrus Malekpour

Evaluating BlockCypher’s Confidence Level - Report (PDF)
Dean Makovsky and Joseph Tobin and Kevin Zhao and Vignesh Kuppusamy

Chinese Geopolitical Strategy and Bitcoin - Report (PDF)
Eashan Kaw

Bitcoin at Point of Sale - Report (PDF)
Elizabeth Kukla

Detecting Selfish Mining in Bitcoin and Litecoin - Report (PDF)
Fangyang Cui

Silkroad Takedown - Report (PDF)
Gardner Fiveash

Measure SPV - Report (PDF)
Jacob Freck

Bitcoin Donation Transparency - Report (PDF)
Kienan Adams

Bitcoin Block-Size Options - Report (PDF)
Michael Parisi Presicce

Proved Anonymous Mixing - Report (PDF)
Morgan Locks

Beyond the Lightning Network - Exploring How to Scale Bitcoin
Muthu Chidambaram

Analysis of the Viability of Bitcoin replacing as a National Currency
Peter Leng

How Much is Bitcoin Worth: Pricing Differences Across Exchanges and Time - Report (PDF)
Quentin Moore

Mixer Verifier - Report (PDF)
Ryan Anderson, Sam Prestwood, Luke Gessler

Understanding Mobile Bitcoin Wallets - Report (PDF)
Ziqi Liu

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