The Evolution of Bitcoin Script Interpreter Acacia Dai

Developing a Distributed Distributed Consensus Protocol Consensus Protocol
Alec Grieser

A Bandwidth Based “Proof of Work”
Alishan Hassan

Blockchain Voting
Sugat Poudel, Austin J. Varshneya, Xhama Vyas

BitMingle Report
Carter Hall, Reid Bixler

Divergence of Alt Coins and their Concurrent Developments
Cody Robertson

Vending on Dark Net Markets
Collin Berman

Pruning Nodes
Cyrus Malekpour

Evaluating BlockCypher’s Confidence Level
Dean Makovsky and Joseph Tobin and Kevin Zhao and Vignesh Kuppusamy

Geopolitical Strategy and Bitcoin
Eashan Kaw

Bitcoin at Point of Sale
Elizabeth Kukla

Detecting Selfish Mining in Bitcoin and Litecoin
Fangyang Cui

Silkroad Takedown
Gardner Fiveash

Measure SPV
Jacob Freck

Analyzing the Feasibility of a Donation Accountability System in Bitcoin
Kienan Adams

Bitcoin Block-Size Options
Michael Parisi Presicce

Proved Anonymous Mixing
Morgan Locks

Beyond the Lightning Network - Exploring How to Scale Bitcoin
Muthu Chidambaram

Analysis of the viability of Bitcoin replacing as a National Currency
Peter Leng

How Much is Bitcoin Worth: Pricing Differences Across Exchanges and Time
Quentin Moore

Mixer Verifier
Ryan Anderson, Sam Prestwood, Luke Gessler

Understanding Mobile Bitcoin Wallet
Ziqi Liu

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