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Class 1: Why are these buildings burning down?
Owning Digital Things
Class 2: Cryptography
Symmetric Cryptosystems
Asymmetric Cryptosystems
Class 3: Elliptic Curves
Crash Course on Group Theory
Elliptic Curves
Class 4: Verifiably Random?
Signing with Elliptic Curves
Kolmogorov Complexity
Dual-EC NSA Backdoor
Class 5: DigiCash
Cryptographic Hash Functions
Message Digests
Chaum's Untraceable Electornic Cash
Class 6: Proofs of Work
Trust and Distributed Consensus
Introduction to Bitcoin Mining
Class 7: Merkle Trees
Recording Transactions Efficiently
Class 9: Mining
Cost of Computation
Class 10: More Mining
Forking a Blockchain
Asymptotic Analysis
Mining Cost and Energy

Class 11: Pools and Profits
Modeling Mining
Mining Pools
Class 12: Mostly about Superfish
Mining Difficulty
SSL Warnings
Class 14: Selfish Mining
The Last Bitcoin
Selfish Mining Attack and Analysis
Class 15: Script
Bitcoin Transactions
Script Interpreter
Class 16: Alternate Cryptocurrencies
Key Derivation Functions
Class 23: Blooming Sidechains
Bloom Filters
Merged Mining
Side Chains
Class 24: Silk Road
Legality of Bitcoin
Silk Road Anonymous Marketplace
Class 25: Proof of Reserve
Multiplicative Magic of Reserve Banking
Proof of Reserve (Jack Doerner)

(Note: classes that are reviews or student presentations without slides/notes are not included here. See the archives for a full list.)