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Starting Project 2

Posted: Thu 05 February 2015

Project 1. You should have received your Project 1 grade as a transfer to your vanity address (on a 100,000 satoshi scale, so 0.001 BTC is full credit). You should be able to see this in the blockchain (e.g., by searching for your vanity address). Note that this is different from the address you used to create your initial wallet, so you won't see it in your wallet unless you load the keys for your vanity address into your wallet (see for how to import your vanity address private key into MultiBit).

Geting started on Project 2. For project 2, you'll be implementing and running a miner for a new cryptocurrency, PointCoin. We'll talk more about this in class Monday and post a more detailed project descruption soon, but you should get started by setting up your pointcoind node before class Monday.

Directions for getting your pointcoind node setup on a free EC2 instance are here: Installing PointCoin on AWS.

If you get stuck, we'll have time in class Monday to help, but you should get as far as you can on your own before class Monday. Feel free to also post coments and questions here.