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Project 2 - New Network Up

Posted: Tue 17 February 2015

The new PointCoin network is now up! This fixes the reset problem and some other issues that were discussed in Monday's class. It also sets the expected block generating time to 10 minutes and the mining reward to 10 PointCoin.

To migrate your node to the PointCoin 0.2 network follow these directions:

Once you have your node running on the new network, add your public IP address here:

There is no automatic peering. We believe this is a design decision in btcd (which pointcoind is forked from), to not trust any node that is not announced by multiple other nodes.

You can see the blockchain at: We will consider this the canonical PointCoin blockchain (at least until next Monday, when you can start launching attacks).

Because of the problems with the network, it is no longer necessary to acquire 100 PointCoin to earn full credit for Problem 1. It is sufficient to successfully mine at least one block. Earning more PointCoin will still be beneficial though! You'll have other opportunities to use it.

Thanks a bunch to Alex and Nick for tremendous work getting this working! It seems to be stable, and our nodes (including nodes running on EC2 micro instances) have been stable (no crashes) for more than 24 hours now, so we're optimistic there will not be further problems.

I'm really sorry for the confusion and trouble this has caused, not to mention the PointCoins you've lost that you may have mined successfully on the original network. I think we'll learn a lot from trying to launch a cryptocurrency, and there is plenty that can go wrong.