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Key Chase

Posted: Thu 22 January 2015

As mentioned in class today, each of you should have received a small deposit in your wallet. You will need this for Project 1, but should also use it as a starting point for attempting to learn as much as you can about how we transfered funds (and possibly solve the puzzle leading to something interesting). You can try tracing the transaction both forward and backward, trying to learn things like: where did the initial coin come from and when did I buy it, how long did it take for all the coin to be distributed, how much did it cost in transaction fees, etc.

Note that each of you had a different bitcoin address, so you all have different starting points for examining the transactions.

Post interesting things you find about this in the discussion below. (Note: the discussion won't appear on the main index page. Click on the title link to enter the article page that will include the discussion.)