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Final Projects

Posted: Wed 29 April 2015

Final Project Submissions

Your final project submissions are due on Sunday, 3 May at 11:59pm. If you anticipate any problems submitting your final project on time, please contact me by Friday to discuss.

For most teams, I hope your final project submission will be an email with subject line Cryptocurrency Project and cc-ing all of your team members. The email should be plaintext containing:

  1. A title for your project (this is the title I will use on the public page listing all the projects).

  2. A one-sentence description of your project. This should be a clear, well-written sentence that will be enough for someone to understand what you did and why.

  3. A URL that points to a publicly-viewable web page that describes your project. The linked page can (and probably should) contain links to other pages (e.g., a website that is your actual project or a github repo with your project code). For example, the link you send could be a link to or, which is a page describing your project, as well as containing links to the main project site. Please try to put your project site somewhere that will not expire when you graduate from UVa, but that can survive forever.

It is not necessary to submit a separate PDF report, but you may do so if there are things you do not want to put on a public website, or that you think benefit from being written in a more formal way.

Course Feedback

Since I'll be offering a new version of this course in the fall, I would much appreciate your feedback. Indeed, you already agreed to this on the course syllabus:

I will provide useful feedback. I realize that this is a new and experimental course, and it is important that I let the course staff know what they need to improve the course. I will not wait until the end of the course to make the course staff aware of any problems. I will provide feedback either anonymously or by contacting the course staff directly. I will fill out all requested surveys honestly and thoroughly.

There are three possible ways for you to do this:

  1. Arrange (by email or finding me in person) a time to meet with me for coffee/lunch (I'll buy).

  2. Fill out this survey (which can be done anonymously):

  3. Send me an email with your thoughts (including at least one concrete suggestion for what to do next semester).

(You are welcome to do more than one of these, but everyone should do at least one of them!)

Thanks again for all of your contributions to the class, and I look forward to seeing your final projects.

--- Dave