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Final Presentations

Posted: Fri 17 April 2015

The schedule for final project presentations is below. Each group will have 15 minutes total to present, including time for questions (so you should plan to present for 10-12 minutes).

[Note: the schedule has been updated (April 17), but all people impacted have been notified already.]

Monday, 20 April

An Analysis and Breakdown of SHA Hashing in Bitcoin
Jeremy Gabalski

Financial Markets, Game Theory, and Self-Regulation
Merlin Zhang, Trisha Hajela

Bitcoin Price History
Oriana Ngo

Kickstarting PointCoin
Jake Shankman

Studying Coinbase Reserves as a means of Predicting Market Price
Alex Coffin, Ankit Gupta, Tara Raj, Corrigan Blanchfield

Wednesday, 22 April

Universal Coin Converter
Sam Abbate

Subsidy Studies
Laurence Meyers, Jacob Rosenberg

Multisignature Mobile Wallets
William Emmanuel and Kevin Hoffman

Bitcoin Market Price
Avinash Ramesh

A Decentralized Banking Scheme for Communal Funds
Ori Shimony

Monday, April 27

PointList: the PointCoin Marketplace
Anat Gilboa, Benjamin Edgar

PointCoin Pizza — Revamped
Kyle Angelotti and Michelle Wang

Pointcoin Reddit Tip Bot
Joey Weate, Charlie Harding

Examining Anonymous Marketplaces
Max Serpe, Peter Gregrowski

Script Analysis in the Blockchain
Saba Eskandarian