The Evolution of Bitcoin Script Interpreter (Acacia Dai)
A Bandwidth Based “Proof of Work” (Alishan Hassan)
Bitcoin at Point of Sale (Elizabeth Kukla)
Vending on Dark Net Markets (Collin Berman)
Donation Accountability (Kienan Adams)
Understanding Mobile Bitcoin Wallet (Ziqi Liu)
BitSniffer: a Tool for Linkability Analysis (Ryan Anderson, Sam Prestwood, Luke Gessler)
Taking Down Silk Road (Gardner Fiveash)
How Much is Bitcoin Worth: Pricing Differences Across Exchanges and Time (Quentin Moore)
Analysis of the viability of Bitcoin replacing as a National Currency (Peter Leng)
Evaluating BlockCypher’s Confidence Level (Dean Makovsky and Joseph Tobin and Kevin Zhao and Vignesh Kuppusamy)

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