Monday, 23 November (8:29 pm): Project Progress Reports due (see Class 23.)

Teams that did not present their project in class Wednesday, should be ready to present well on Monday!

Note: ink markings may not appear in the embedded viewer. To see them, download the slides.


Litecoin boasts faster confirmations (2.5 minutes as opposed to 10 minutes). Does this help you gain confidence in a given transaction faster (at which point it is unlikely to be double-spent)?

Does Litecoin use scrypt because (a) scrypt is slower than SHA-256 or (b) the gap between ASIC and CPU performance for scrypt is believed to be narrower than that for SHA-256? Would either be a good reason?

The Ripple network does not require any proof of work. In case of Bitcoins, the adversary had to control the majority hashing power. What expensive resource does the adversary then have to control in Ripple to affect and control Ripple transactions?

How is the process of currency distribution different between Ripple and Bitcoin?

The hallmark of the Ethereum network is a Turing-complete scripting language. How does Ethereum prevent miners from being flooded with CPU-intensive scripts?

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