Course Registration

Due: 8:29pm on Saturday, 29 August

To register for the course, you need to setup a bitcoin wallet (so don’t wait until the last minute to do this).

MultiBit HD is a good choice for this. See for information on bitcoin wallets. Be aware that you probably do not have time to download the full blockchain before this assignment is due, so need to use a lightweight wallet (we will learn what this means later in the class).

After creating a wallet, you should find the Recieving Address which you will need for one of the questions. If you used MultiBit HD, you will see this by clicking “Request” (to request payment), and copy the “Recipient Address”. It should be a string like, 19WmbY4nDcjAEv6wb5rcd5E6MutVMXBZzy. Note that your wallet may create several recipient addresses, so you won’t see the same address each time you do this.

It is not necessary now, or at any time during this class, for you to actually buy bitcoins with your own money. If you are inclined to do this, be careful, and don’t use any funds you cannot afford to lose!

Submit the form below (also avaible as direct link):

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