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Bitcoin Panel

Posted: Wed 01 April 2015

There will be a panel on "Bitcoins and Entrepreneurial and Career Ventures in the world of Digital Currency" next week Thursday, April 9 at 6pm (location to be announced soon).

The Discussion on Bitcoins and Entrepreneurial Ventures in the world of Digital Currency will provide an introduction to the Bitcoin Marketplace, entrepreneurial ventures in the space, and share tips for navigating career opportunities. The session will also provide a forum to discuss the technical, policy, economic related implications associated with Bitcoins and digital currency. Pizza will be provided!

Panelists include:

Carol Van Cleef (Panel Moderator, Attorney - Mannat, Phelps, & Phillips)
Josh Cincinnati (Entrepreneur)
David Evans (Computer Science)
Denis Nekipelov (Economics)
Alex Kuck (student - Bitcoin Entrepreneur)
Nick Skelsey (student - Bitcoin Entrepreneur)