Wednesday, 2 Dec and Monday 7 Dec: Final Project Presentations. See Class 25 for schedule.

These people are scheduled to present Wednesday: Alec Grieser, (Sugat Poudel, Austin J. Varshneya, Xhama Vyas), (Carter Hall, Reid Bixler), Muthu Chidambaram, Morgan Locks, Cyrus Malekpour, Michael Parisi Presicce, Jacob Freck, Fangyang Cui, Eashan Kaw, Cody Robertson.

Don’t forget to send the link to your presentation before 11:59am on the day you are presenting!

Office hours: normal office hours will continue until December 11: Mondays 5-6:30pm (Ori in Rice 442), Wednesdays after class (Samee in Rice 442), Thursdays 2:30-3:30 (Dave in Rice 507).

Friday, 4 December, 3:30pm in Rice 130: Department of Computer Science, Distinguished Alumni Seminar Series

Adrienne Felt, Staff Software Engineer, Google
Friday, 4 December 2015, 3:30pm in Rice Auditorium
(Reception after talk in Rice 4th Floor Atrium)


How do you know if a website is “safe”? The security community puts enormous effort into detecting malware, stopping the next Heartbleed, and sandboxing bad content. Google Chrome’s usable security team sits at the front end of this work: we build the UI that tells end users what’s going on with their privacy and security. What you see as a single icon might be the end product of months of work by engineers, designers, security experts, and user researchers. I’ll explain some of the engineering and design challenges that we face, and give insight into the day-by-day work done by a security team that serves more than a billion browser users.

Bio: Adrienne Porter Felt leads Google Chrome’s usable security team, whose goal is to help people make safe decisions while using Chrome. Along with her team, Dr. Felt is responsible for building and improving the security warnings, indicators, and settings that you see in Chrome today. Previously, Dr. Felt was a research scientist on Google’s security research team, where she examined how browser users react to security warnings. She received a PhD in computer science from UC Berkeley, and a BS from the University of Virginia in 2008.

Monday, 7 December (11:59pm): Project Final Reports. See Class 25 for details.


The slides below include all the Jeopardy questions, even ones we didn’t get to in class. You shouldn’t expect to get asked trivia questions in the oral final exam (and will not be asked to phrase your answers in the form of a question!), but some of the substantive questions here would make good questions to ask during the exam (in particular, I’d recommend looking at the unused questions in Unlocking Script and Crypto Curves as good potential exam questions).

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